How to Build a Comprehensive Internet Marketing Agency Make $1,000-$10,000+

How to Build a Comprehensive Internet Marketing Agency Make $1,000-$10,000+ Per Month Per Client!

If you’re tired of working for a boss or having to take time away from doing the things you love because of work then you’re on the right track. Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now. From people to businesses, EVERYONE is on Social Media. Everyone uses the internet to make purchasing decisions and even to fulfill their shopping urges and businesses are loving it! Digital Marketing has made it even easier for those businesses to get results.

The problem is that many of them don’t know how to run these marketing campaigns. That’s where you come in… With technology and business being the way it is today you can build a comprehensive Digital Marketing Agency with more ease than ever.

Seriously, I wanted to start my agency almost 5 years ago now and it was too difficult since I didn’t have the money or software available to be able to run my agency like the large corporations. Now, that impossibility has been made possible. All you have to do is start. Building the Agency

1. The most important piece to building a successful Digital Marketing Agency is understanding SWEPS.
● Social Media Marketing
● Web Design/Development
● Email Marketing & Automation
● PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
● SEO (Search Engine Marketing)

SWEPS represents the major 5 parts to Digital Marketing. You MUST use the best combination of ALL 5 parts of Digital Marketing to build the BEST campaigns for your clients. If you don’t understand each part of SWEPS completely then you should consider checking out The Digital Marketing School. SWEPS is OUR acronym and you can be sure to get all you need to know from our Digital Marketing course.

2. Now that you have a better grasp on what you’ll need to know to start your agency, it will also help to know some tools that make it easier to run your agency…
a. Here are some that I use and recommend to my students.  for photos and images

1. It’s AWESOME for those of you who aren’t great at using Photoshop
2. Resize images, add text overlays, filters, badges, stickers, etc. ii. Google Drive

b. Google Drive is AWESOME for organizing your business, creating documents and templates, forms and inviting other contractors/employees to connect on documents. Outsourcing

The best part about this business is that if there is a piece of SWEPS that you don’t completely understand or that you can’t quite seem to b, you can always outsource it at an extremely affordable cost. Analytics Tools

1.  Great for getting a clear understanding of the clients Facebook marketing efforts
2. : Great for getting a mini audit of their online presence
3. Google Trends: Awesome for analyzing the most important keywords for a business

c. Finally, you will need to understand the Revenue Model for your business. You are going to have three main price-points to focus on…

NOTE: if you plan to run Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or PPC Ads you’ll need to add this expense to the monthly fees listed below. You will also take a management fee off of the ad budget…so…If the customer wants to spend $500 on an ad budget for Facebook you’ll want to take anywhere from 20-30% off the top of the $500 spend. Basically, if you charge 20%, you’ll spend $400 on ads and keep $100 for a management fee.

The best strategy is to customize the services that you provide to your clients at each price point based on their budget, goals, type of business, type of audience, etc. Ex. Not EVERY business will benefit as well from using Social Media Marketing as they would focusing on PPC and/or SEO.
i. Base Package: $1,000/mo.
ii. Pro Package: $2,500/mo.
iii. ProPlus Package: $5,000/mo.
iv. Anything over $5,000 will be considered an enterprise level package

Profit margins are usually around 30-40% once you have your agency up and running! Costs in this industry are super low because you don’t need an office or a ton of equipment.

All you need is…
1. Laptop
2. Phone
3. Internet Connection
4. Business Cards
…and you can work from home ??

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