How To Choose Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

How To Choose Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

Depending on what you promote you would consider different traffic methods. So How To Choose Traffic For Affiliate Marketing.

My Traffic Recommendations

Solo ads Traffic
Solo ads Traffic is best for lower ticket offers, although you may be lucky and sell higher ticket with solo ads as well. But in principle, people on these lists look for something not expensive and not demanding. Anyway, the crucial thing is to choose the right solo ads provider.
Here are my recommended sources:

Search – Google, Youtube, Pinterest
With search, you can try promoting higher ticket offers. These are hot buyers looking for a specific solution or product!

I’d say – rather lower ticket offers. People on Instagram are not in the buying mode most of the time. So they may go for a lower ticket offer​ or optin to your list, but they will not buy a higher ticket offer straight away there.

I’d say both. Lower ticket and higher ticket if you know how to do Facebook ads or if you’re good in facebook group marketing. If you have your own group – these are hot buyers!

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