Why You’ll NEVER Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Why you’ll never make money online with affiliate marketing or online business…..

It amazes me how people want to make money online , but don’t want to invest anything to do it. They just expect $5,000,000 in sales to come to them on a silver platter by watching tons of YouTube videos.

You have to put it the work but not only that you have to invest in the things that make your business run properly.

People want others to buy from them in order to make money but they don’t wanna buy anything themselves…..how can you ethically sell when you’ve never bought.

Wanting a million dollar business but refusing to pay for necessities is like complaining that you’re hungry but you don’t want to buy food because “it’s too expensive” lol.

Just a rant. Mindset in entrepreneurship is 80% of the game , and if you’re mindset is lacking , that’s the first thing you need to fix.

Stay easy bros. And don’t expect to sell…. when you yourself are afraid to buy.

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